Personal Video Conferencing has been on the rise for quite some time now. Originally this uptake was driven by consumers using Skype, and more recently in business with the adoption of Microsoft Lync and Cisco Jabber.

In particular Cloud based video collaboration solutions like Blue Jeans Network which make video meetings easy, interoperable, and affordable, have been a real enabler for the business use of personal Video Conferencing.

Blue Jeans supports a multitude of endpoints ranging from standard H.323 room systems from Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize, Vidyo etc, to Lync, Skype, Google Hangouts and standard phones lines. It enables users of personal Video Conferencing to participate in high quality video meetings with their colleagues, partners and customers on traditional H.323 conferencing equipment.

What’s so great about Blue Jeans is that it is Cloud based and therefore the adoption of personal Video Conferencing by an organisation can be undertaken without the traditional need for high upfront equipment costs and the need for specialist IT resources to manage complex deployments of on-premise video infrastructure.

So if you are considering using personal Video Conferencing in your organisation to compliment face to face meetings, or want to improve your current experience, there are a number of other considerations that will significantly enhance your personal Video Conferencing experience;

- A good Internet connection. The more bandwidth the better. For HD resolution a minimum of 768kbps is recommended. Also best if you can use a “wired” connection (if you are not using Cisco Meraki wireless) to your router rather than Wi-Fi.

- The many non-verbal nuances of facial expressions and eye contact are critical to effective communication. Good lighting enhances visual clarity, thereby increasing the readable content with a video image and raising the engagement level of participants in conference. The i-Series “LED Personal Video Light” from Brightline is specifically designed for personal video conferencing and ensures those critical visual details are not sacrificed.

- Ensure to sit in the line of sight of the video camera, if possible, zoom-in so that you are at least 50% of the image.

- Ensure volume levels of your audio/video equipment are not set to high, this can create echo and feedback.

- Avoid placing the microphone directly in front of your speakers and moving the microphone during a meeting.

- If you are considering to setup your Home office for personal Video Conferencing then ensure your room walls are painted in a nice neutral colour in a flat finish. Recommended colours include a pale slate blue, grey, tan or beige. Avoid stark white or very dark colours or anything with a high sheen. Also rooms with a lot of glass, and or a tiled floor can cause echo and reverberations. Look to use carpet, window coverings, fabric chairs, etc to soften the room and improve the audio acoustics.

    Finally, if you are not currently using personal Video Conferencing, but would like to? Contact us here at Jumeira Consulting, we can assist you with Microsoft Lync and the supply of Brightline’s i-Series LED Personal Video Lights.

    vSee you soon!