I am regularly asked about the name Jumeira Consulting and where it originated from. In fact it has become a great “ice breaker” when meeting new clients. So to “break the ice” online, here are the inspirations that helped define the name Jumeira Consulting.

    Having lived and worked in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on two occasions, where “the impossible becomes reality” and worked extensively in the construction and engineering sectors, the development of The Palm Jumeirah is truly incredible. It can be seen from out in Space and is one of the greatest engineering feats of our time.

      Then, on my second stay in Dubai, my family and I lived in a villa in area known as Jumeira 2, on the coast of the Arabian Gulf, not that far from the Burj Khalifa, near Jumeira Beach Park. A great area to live in and just a short stroll to the beach, perfect for an Australian expat family!

        And just to top it off, Jumeira translates from Arabic into English as “beautiful”!

          So there you have it!