Do you want easy installation and on-going management?

Are you moving applications and services to the Cloud?

Do you have the need to manage multiple locations with a limited IT team?

Do you need enterprise security?

Are you looking for a simple and customisable “guest” access solution at each of your locations?

Are you deploying company-owned or BYOD mobile devices?

If you answered “yes” to at least three of the above questions than it is time to consider Cloud Networking with Cisco Meraki.


The Cisco Meraki product line is a complete Cloud-Managed networking solution, including Wireless, Switching, Security (Unified Threat Management), and Mobile Device Management (MDM), all centrally managed over the Internet. 

Designed and built from the ground up for Cloud Management, Cisco Meraki’s hardware, software, and Cloud services are completely integrated, providing a visibly unique and intuitive networking experience.

Cisco Meraki operates the industry’s largest-scale Cloud Networking solution. With over seven years of experience in the Cloud, the Cisco Meraki technology has been continuously active and evolving to meet customers’ needs and wants. Today, the platform is trusted by tens of thousands of IT professionals, from enterprises to hospitals, schools, banks, and retailers, powering global deployments with tens of thousands of active devices.

The fundamental benefit of Cloud Networking is its ability to provide centralised management, unprecedented visibility, and seamless control over networking devices. Cisco Meraki products come out-of-the-box with centralised management, layer 7 device and application visibility, real-time web-based diagnostics, monitoring, reporting, and much more. Cisco Meraki deploys quickly and easily, without the need for in-depth training or proprietary command line interfaces.


The Cisco Meraki product line includes;

- MR Access Points, including 802.11n and 802.11ac models

- MS Switches, including access and aggregation models

- MX Security Appliances, scaling from small branch to datacentre models

- Systems Manager, the 100% free and fully integrated MDM solution

Cloud Networking Architecture

Cisco Meraki Cloud-Managed network endpoints connect securely to the Cisco Meraki Cloud. Using an intuitive browser based dashboard, network administrators can fully deploy, manage, and troubleshoot their network via a Cloud-hosted centralised management platform.

The Cisco Meraki Cloud network offers security, reliability, and scalability. It’s out-of-band control plane separates network management data from user data (eg configuration, statistics, monitoring, etc) flows from Cisco Meraki devices (wireless access points, switches and security appliances) to the Cisco Meraki Cloud over a secure Internet connection. User data (web browsing, internal applications, etc) does not flow through the Cloud, instead flowing directly to its destination on the LAN or across the WAN.


The Key Benefits of Cloud Networking

- Rapid deployment with self-provisioning and self-optimising hardware

- Ability to monitor and control applications, users, and devices in real-time

- Built-in multi-site management from a single web-based dashboard

- Automatic monitoring and alerts

- Scalability from small sites to million-user deployments

- Products that are future-proof and always up to date

Want to learn more about Cloud Networking?

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Cisco Meraki webinars include a live demo of this Cloud management platform and you get a free Cisco Meraki access point for attending (Free AP eligibility. To be eligible for a free access point, participants must be an IT professional. Existing Cisco Meraki customers are not eligible. Limit of one free AP per company)

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