Software-as-a-service (SaaS) enables access to world-class technology and software that helps your business increase productivity, improve business performance, contain costs through subscription-based pricing (OPEX rather than CAPEX), and enable scarce capital to be directed towards revenue generating activities.

SaaS is a software distribution model whereby a provider licenses an application for use as an “on-demand“ service, through the Internet. Because SaaS providers host applications on their own servers in the Cloud, your business doesn’t have to worry about hardware, installations, set-up, maintenance, backups, or upgrades, letting you focus on successfully running your business, rather than managing the technology, while getting the added benefit of access to the latest version of software, all the time, from anywhere, anytime! And in most cases on the device of your choice!

This is the way we run Jumeira Consulting. The significant benefit for us is it allows us to spend more time with our customers, and for me as the business owner, to be in control of my business, no matter where I am, from my Smart Phone or Tablet.

For some of our customers, SaaS from the Cloud enables them to run their back-office functions from outside Australia, thus reducing their overheads, enabling them to be more competitive in their respective markets. For others, its means they can take some time out, or spend more time with the family, but still be in touch with the day-to-day operations of their business, from their Smart Phone or Tablet. Since SaaS is Cloud based, it is available from anywhere, anytime, assuming an Internet connection.

The key SaaS solutions Jumeira Consulting use include Microsoft Office 365 for Collaboration (my favourite being Microsoft Lync) and access to the latest version of the Microsoft Office software (on up to 5 devices per person including iPad!), Xero for Finance and Accounting, and Shopify for ecommerce.

So contact us today, and see how Software-as-a-Service delivered from the Cloud can deliver real tangible benefits for your business.