As the world becomes smaller and global information networks proliferate at a dizzying pace, the ability of pictures to instantly transcend borders and cultures becomes ever more important.

Brightline specialises in enhancing the presentation of visual images.

As a leading manufacturer of energy-efficient lighting systems for broadcast, videoconference, distance-learning, telemedicine, Internet-videostreaming, and colour-changing applications, Brightline’s mission is to enable communication through clarity. By providing extremely high quality, cost effective, and environmentally responsible lighting solutions, Brightline helps its customers maximise the efficiencies of diverse technologies and thus realise the full potential of their own visual communications endeavours.

Jumeira Consulting is the first in Australia to offer the Brightline i-Series personal videoconference lights online.

The Brightline i-Series offer a sleek, energy-efficient LED fixture that is scalable to virtually any monitor. Cool-to-touch, the Brightline i-Series fixtures make it easy to look your best on camera, allowing individuals to conference remotely without sacrificing critical visual details.

The many non-verbal nuances of facial expression and eye contact are critical to effective communications. The Brightline i-Series enhances visual clarity, thereby increasing the readable content within a video image and raising the engagement level of participants in the conference.