The pace of innovation is leading to product enhancements that are being delivered by vendors faster and more frequent than ever before. The ability of these vendors to deliver new functionality on a regular basis is one of the biggest benefits of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model.

With frequent updates and faster release cycles, business’s that have invested in new Cloud Technology and subscription based services (Saas) are being delivered additional value for no additional cost. This means your business is always running the most current version of software, with the most current updates, without the need to do the upgrades yourself! Allowing you to focus on successfully running your business.

Basically, products like Microsoft Office 365 and Xero for example, are gifts that just keep giving.

Just in September 2014, Microsoft released the following updates for Microsoft Office 365, that are just seamlessly delivered, without any intervention on your part;

Themes – You can now customise your Office 365 experience by selecting themes. As an Office 365 admin, you will have the ability to create custom themes for your organisation and, at the same time, your users will have the ability to personalize their experience by selecting an Office 365 theme.

Propose new time – With Propose New Time in Outlook Web App, you can now suggest alternate times for a meeting, see other attendees availability before suggesting, and send this back to the meeting organiser, who can evaluate all of the proposals he or she receives and find the best time for everyone.

Revamped Office Store – Now on you get a fresh, improved experience for searching and discovering useful apps for Office. You can now use in 6 new languages and storefronts.

Office Delve – Office Delve is a new way to discover relevant information and connections from across your work life. Delve displays information that is most relevant for each person based on the work they are doing and the people with whom they are engaging.  With Delve, information finds you versus you having to find information.

Excel Power Map update – This update includes features most requested by you, our customers. You can now tell richer Power Map stories by creating Power Map Filters and using Custom Maps.

Office Lens lets you directly create documents from your photos – With this new update for the Windows Phone Office Lens app you can capture whiteboard notes or printed documents and Office lens will convert the pictures to Word documents or PowerPoint presentations.

New Office 365 homepage – The new Office 365 homepage shows all of your Office 365 services and makes it easier to start Office Online. There is also a new setting to let you choose your homepage when you sign into Office 365.

Format Background in PowerPoint Online – You can now Format Background in PowerPoint Online same as desktop PowerPoint. You can choose a picture or a solid fill and decide if it is for just the current slide or apply it to your entire presentation.

Groups in Office 365 – To support a project, you can easily create a new Group and invite colleagues. You can also search for and join existing Groups, which are open by default, to see all discussions, milestones and files and get up to speed quickly. Of course, you can create private Groups as well for sensitive projects and content. We’re launching Groups in stages starting today. In this initial phase, Groups will show up within the web experiences of Office 365 email and calendar and OneDrive for Business.

Office 365 Customer Success Centre – The new Customer Success Centre is designed to give Office 365 Champions the resources they need to help people understand everything Office 365 has to offer—and, more importantly, how they can immediately start using it to simplify and speed up their work.

This is the same for Xero who are continually releasing regular updates and released the following this week;

New user permission - Contact Bank Account Admin – With this new permission you can control which of your organisation's Xero users can edit your contacts' bank accounts. This gives you assurance that only the right people have access to bank account details for your batch payments.

Add tracking to bank transfers – You can now add tracking to transfers between bank accounts in Xero. If you want to add tracking while you're doing your bank reconciliation, you'll need to use the Find and Match tab (not the Create or Transfer tabs).

Files for inventory – You can now add files to an inventory item to store additional information about it. For example, you may want to attach a photo of your inventory item.

Improvements for sending multiple customer invoices – A great little time-saver for those of you who send invoices to multiple customers at a time. When sending the invoices, you can now easily deselect customers from your list. This is handy if you haven't got a customer's email address or if you just don't want to include them.

Improvements to bank reconciliation prompts – Name, Acct, Desc? What does it all mean? We consistently get feedback that it's easy for new users to Xero to mix up what they put where in the bank reconciliation. While confusing for some business owners, it also creates a support overhead for their bookkeepers and accountants. We've simplified the fields: Name = Who, Acct = What, Desc = Why, making things a lot clearer.