Jumeira Consulting is a leading provider of a range of specialist consulting services. Whether your business is a start-up, SMB or large multi-national we have the right people, with the right experience and expertise to assist.

We offer our consulting services across Australia and internationally and can tailor our service offering to meet your specific needs and wants.

Our consulting services include, but not limited to;

    - Business Case Development – Like any investment, the business case for Cloud Computing must stack up and deliver real tangible business benefits. Jumeira consulting can assist in the business case development by identifying the costs, any potential productivity improvements, and the ROI to ensure the costs and benefits of moving to the Cloud are fully understood up front.

      - Market Scans – Jumeira Consulting is regularly scanning the market for the best Cloud Computing service providers and solutions and can assist you in the shortlisting of providers for invitation to participate in your business’s procurement process.

        - Technology Road Maps – Through our regular Market Scans Jumeira Consulting can assist in the development of your Technology Road Map to ensure alignment with your business and to maximise the value from your technology investments.

          - Request for Proposals – Jumeira Consulting can manage the RFP process end-to-end. From requirements gathering, RFP development, and the engagement of Cloud Computing service providers.

            - Cost Benchmarking – Comparing costs between On-premise Computing and Cloud Computing service providers can be challenging, especially considering the variety and complexity of pricing models used by many Cloud Computing service providers (think mobile phone contracts!). We can do the hard work for you to facilitate your decision making process.

              - Disaster Recovery (Recovery-as-a-Service) – Cloud Computing is a very cost effective, scalable, and flexible disaster recovery solution to ensure your business keeps running in the event of a major incident impacting your production ICT environment. Jumeira Consulting will work with you to develop the strategy, implement the plan, and complete the testing, to ensure you can sleep at night.

                - Service Level Agreements (Performance and Availability) – Jumeira Consulting can assist in the development, review and negotiation of SLA’s to ensure alignment with your business needs and wants.

                  - Support Agreements – As per SLA’s we can assist in the development, review and negotiation of Support Agreements and ensure you get the right support for the right price.

                    - Policy Development - We can also assist in the review and development of your ICT policies, from acceptable use and information security, right through to BYOD.

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