Experience the Business Benefits of the Cloud

The fundamental benefit of the Cloud is it allows you to focus on what you do best, and that’s successfully running your business. No more headaches dealing with hardware, software, upgrades, backups and worrying about disaster recovery plans.

Other key benefits include:

-          No Capital – Managing capital in today’s business environment is tough. The Cloud can be funded from operating expenditure rather than capital expenditure, optimising cash flow, while enabling capital investment to be directed towards revenue generating activities.

-          Cost Savings – The Cloud leverage's “economies of scale” to drive costs down. These savings are passed onto you the customer. In addition no need to maintain costly hardware and software maintenance agreements and invest in time consuming and expensive upgrades.

-          Availability and Reliability – The leading Cloud service providers offer 99.99% availability, that’s less than 5 minutes of unplanned downtime each month.

-          Security – IT Security is expensive, complex and best left to the experts. Leading Cloud service providers have this expertise and use the latest technologies and techniques to secure your information. In addition the leading service providers use purpose built, state of the art data centres with redundant power, A/C, UPS, and gensets, backed by physical security measures to ensure your information is secure.

-          Scalability – The Cloud is elastic and has the ability to scale up and down to fit with your current and future needs.

-          Global – The Cloud is an enabler if your business is looking to enter new international markets. By design the Cloud is available from anywhere, anytime over the Internet allowing you stay in control of your business by delivering the right information to the right people no matter where they are based.

-          Ease of Access – Cloud services can be accessed globally and used by many devices including; Personal Computers, Smart Phones and Tablets.

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