Managed Backup and Recovery

Disasters and data loss simply can’t be anticipated. Any business is vulnerable to some type of disruption, whether from hardware failures, theft, a spilled cappuccino, or basic human error when a file is accidental deleted, and it can happen at any time and potentially put your business at risk if safeguards are not in place.

What would it cost you if you lost all your data? Companies unable to resume operations within ten days of a disaster are not likely to survive.

You may think you have a backup solution in place, but is your solution good enough to quickly return your business to normal after disaster? If that solution is disk or tape, think again. Out-dated solutions are simply that: Out-dated. You need a solution that will keep your business prepared for a quick recovery, or low RTO (Recovery Time Objective) in the face of disruption. A proper backup solution is only as good as its recovery.

The time consuming and costly days of managing backup media and off-site storage are gone with Jumeira Consulting's Managed Online Backup and Recovery service.

Backup and Recovery in the Cloud is a safe, secure, and affordable backup and recovery service that can include both a local and an offsite copy of your data. Unlike many managed service providers who offer this type of service, Jumeira Consulting understands that backup is all about being able to recover information, when you need it, where you need it.

Designed to be totally transparent to the business user and not requiring the need for an IT specialist to manage day-in day-out. It can be used to Backup and Recover a fleet of PC's and or Server's, with ability to scale as your business Backup and Recovery needs dictate.

So make the move to the Cloud and sleep easy knowing your business critical information is secure by contacting Jumeira Consulting today.

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